Crystal Minx Faux Fur Tail Plug

Style: Black
Sale price$119.99


 Just screw the tail in or out from the base of the plug. Our faux fur tails are made of high-quality, beautiful synthetic faux fur. The butt plug is made from Borosilicate glass and features a solid yet thin neck and a flanged base, ensuring that it stays where it's needed and is safe for anal use.

Our detachable tail systems allow for easy removal of your tail for cleaning and storing. Faux fur tails currently come in both fox and cat styles or pony and bunny tails too, with a selection of colors and styles to choose from. We think there’s something to please everyone.

Don't see the style you want? Contact us, we are always happy to discuss custom orders!

Faux Fur Tails run approximately 17 to 19 inches long

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