Eye of Love Evening Delight

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Whether it’s an evening out with the girls, elegant dinner dates, or even better – a fun night in, the occasions you can wear Eye of Love’s Evening Delight pheromone-infused perfume are endless.

Inspired by sunset in Manhattan, when the city is bathed in magical orange light, Eye of Love’s Evening Delight is bursting with musky and floral notes. It celebrates hope and optimism as the day meets the night; fresh, vibrant, and exuding positivity while remaining classically elegant thanks to the aroma of a thousand rose petals.

You’ll fall in love with its fantastic floral top notes underpinned by a peppery Indian sandalwood center. This perfume has the right amount of sweetness and spice that will have any man begging for more. Just spritz some behind your ears and on your neck, and he’ll follow you wherever the night takes you.

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