Lux Fetish Erotic Suction Cupping Set

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Modern-day cupping is based on the ancient art of Chinese cupping, and it is often used for therapeutic purposes as way to stimulate areas all over the body. In the bedroom and kinkier spaces, cupping can be used as a way to mark up one’s submissive partner in BDSM relationships, to serve as a reminder of the Domme that they belong to.

Cupping is pleasurable to the partner on the receiving end because the cups can be applied anywhere on the body and then pumped to create suction that draws blood and makes the area more sensitive to their partner’s erotic touch. With six suction cups to use, they can be used to spread pleasurable stimulation all over the body. Use a few drops of water-based before applying the cups for the most comfortable and pleasurable experience. The set also comes with a blindfold that can be used over the receiver’s eyes to intensify the sensation of the suckling against their skin.

• Perfect for a relaxing cupping session or more intense erotic suction
• Includes 6 beginners-friendly suction cups
• Transparent cups offer stimulating visual of the action
• Pump to achieve desired level of suction
• Quick-release valve allows for quick removal
• Can be used to leave light marks (“hickies”) during bondage play
• Includes blindfold to intensify sensations

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