Sterling Collection™ Silver Egg

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  • Sophisticated women deserve sophisticated choices to match their style and deliver on their every desire. Creating your dream toy is easy with the Sterling Collection. This collection is the first interchangeable collection of controllers, plug-in jacks, and bullets that are available in individual packaging for mix-and-match fun or in pre-designed sets for carefully curated optimum pleasure.

    The Sterling Collection’s Silver Egg is a powerful, sleek, and erotic metallic egg that vibrates, pulses, and pleasures with the help of the controller of your choice. Imagine picking the exact array of vibrations you crave (be it one, two, or seven), finding the add-ons that give you shivers of anticipation, and plugging in this smooth silver egg to kiss and caress all of your sweet spots in a personally tailored orgasm experience. If that’s not luxury, we don’t know what is!

    This collection features dozens of unique items, including one-of-a-kind controllers, stimulators, and textured bullet sleeves. Pick a controller with as many speeds as you desire to power the sensual stimulating egg. Once you pick your controller, explore our wide array of sensually ribbed sleeves that offer a thrilling variety of sensations and textures to tickle, tease, and please you to incredible orgasms.

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