Trojan Pleasure

Style: Intensified Charged Condoms
Sale price$7.99


Trojan Charged: Experience the orgasmic pleasure of TROJAN CHARGED Condoms! Intensified Lubricant for both partners. Deep ribbed condom design for maximum stimulation. Premium quality latex. Each condom is Electronically Tested to help ensure reliability.

Trojan The Edge:- Changing Sensations Lubricant inside & out. Special blend of intensifiers releases a variety of sensations for both partners.Special Reservoir Tip for extra safety.Trojan The Edge condom sends you on a magic carpet ride of pleasure. It’s a big sexy world out there take pleasure to the limit. Changing sensations lubricant drives the unpredictable adventure. Lubricant inside and out makes it fun for everyone.

Trojan Nirvana: Real smooth comfortable pleasure. Bold stimulating textures. Breathless uninterrupted pleasure.

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