Veined Super Slim Dong

Color: Nude
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If you’re looking for a lengthy double ended pleasure toy with a lifelike touch, a realistic appearance and a slimmer silhouette, Slim Jim Duo™ Veined Super Slim Dong Ivory Duo in 17" is the perfect lovemaking toy for you and your partner. Add a sense of romance, passion, and desire to the bedroom and make foreplay and lovemaking exciting again. This double ended pleasure toy has been designed with realistic looking veins for a lifelike look and these added ridges and bumps along the shaft will give you the ultimate stimulation on contact. This generous dong measures an impressive 17 inches in length, offering you both a full on G-spot stimulating massage, and increasing the chances of climax for both partners in harmony. Completely lifelike and hand finished for all those realistic details, you can now turn those intimate fantasies into reality and really spice things up with your partner. This toy comes in a realistic skin tone ivory for the perfect imitation and feels soft and plushy on contact, just like the real thing! Get a comprehensive experience and share toe-curling sensations with a loved one. Or enjoy this toy in your own private playtime. This all-purpose toy is safe and versatile and a popular seller with customers everywhere. It’s easy to use, flexible to handle and extremely easy to clean before and after use.

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